What are IOT Devices?

In the IOT devices ecosystem, IOT is an abbreviation for ‘Internet of Things’. Any sensor device that provide meaningful data over internet is part of this IOT devices ecosystem. Several platform enables users the access this IOT devices ecosystem data. Users can control or visualize this sensor data with the help of several web platforms namely Internet of Things (IOT) on IBM Cloud, Watson IOT Platform, InternetofThings Web Dashboard ,etc.

What are Smart Home Devices?

Smart Home devices enable us to monitor and control a home with a mobile, an independent Display Unit, or Virtual Voice Assistants like Siri by Apple , OkGoogle by Alphabet, Alexa by Amazon, etc. These Virtual assistants are piece of code called as models trained with user data sets and written in programming languages like Python/Java.

Give Examples of Smart Home Devices?

Smart home devices connect to the internet and leverage models built on trained Data sets. Smart home devices like Amazon Echo, Google Nest Mini, Google Nest Hub, Amazon Echo Show, Google Nest Wifi, Smart Facebook Portal home manager, smart home google, etc. are available for users to buy and install. These devices are among few examples of Smart Home Devices.

Do Smart Home Devices steal our Data?

Even though you have some control over your data to view hear or delete your voice recordings through he privacy settings but keep in mind that the Smart Home Devices definitely collect user data constantly and also uses this data to target users for marketing, etc. For example a voice assistant like OkGoogle or Alexa are constantly recording your voice and performing analytics on words using Speech recognition technology. Don’t be surprised if you get a product recommendation from one of these search engines when you just finished talking about that similar product with a friend.

If we delete the data on our Smart Home Device privacy setting, Is it deleted for good?

Companies store data with a Disaster recovery process in cloud so deleting a copy should ensure the deletion of all the related data. This process is not very transparent. This data is analyzed for sentiments, for advertisements and for several other reasons. This data is also available for sale to individuals and companies for a price, For example you can use Alexa data for Content research, competitive website Analysis Target Audience Analysis, Keyword research, SEO Analysis and backlinks, as there is tons of User Data collected by Alexa. You can visit this website here @ Alexa Stats to find out.

What are Some advanced Smart Home and Security Gadgets ?

There are numerous Smart Home devices like Smart Home door lock, switches, Smart Home alarm system, Smart Home plugs, Smart Home light bulbs, Smart Home bundle, Smart Home motion sensor, Smart Home kitchen, Smart Home fan control, Smart Home humidity sensor, Smart Home doorbell, Smart Home outlet, Smart Home panel sold by thousands of Smart Home companies as subscription or for a one time install fee of equipment.

1. Bosch Security System

Pro – Bosch offers Great Customer service, Question and Answers series on topic like – Importance of remote device management in the age of IOT. Bosch is both dependable and innovative to stay updated with New Product in hour of need like human Skin Temperature detection solutions during pandemic.

Cons – Understanding and implementing Integrated Bosch Access control, Intrusion and video management solution, etc. could be a task although there are some helpful links those company sends in your way. More knowledge about their products is viewable on webinars at their website – Bosch Security Systems.

2. Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest Thermostat is a modern IOT application that enables the control of your Home heating and cooling system through a smart device.

Pro – With the Nest Thermostat you will get real time alerts on your phone about the amount of heat supplied by your furnace to your home. Nest Thermostat alerts are very interactive like – Increase your temperature as they are low and can lead to malfunction of water supply etc.

Cons – Nest thermostat is owned by Google. Google always collects data and profile it with unique identifiers. Google might claim to let users control their Data but doesn’t provide all information about privacy policy in one place. Google makes it most difficult by making things verbose and complicate the User interfacer to a level where the company can easily control Users Data. Just when you say I agree to the terms and conditions they have satisfied the authorities and sufficed the regulations. You might just have legally given the company a key to your house.

3. Smart Cabinet Safe

What is a Smart Cabinet?

Smart Cabinet is a physical Safe Space to hold items, this is called smart safe type because Smart Cabinet leverages IOT Ecosystem to ensure safety of your valuables. This cabinet is an intelligent storage solution.

How to Open a Smart Cabinet?

There are a total of Seven ways to open a smart Cabinet as follows –

1.Use of the Fingerprints to open a Smart Safe
2. Using a password
3. Using a Combination of the Fingerprint and Password
4. Using the Fingerprint and Master Key
5. Using a Master Key and Emergency keys
6. Using the Fingerprint, Password and a Master key
7. Using a Master Key with Emergency Keys and Password

What is the material used in a Smart Cabinet?

A Smart Cabinet is made of Eight layers of  All Steel Die Casting, Box Body of High Hardness All Steel Die Casting. The cabinet is integrated with Nano Plating creating toughness and fineness of the Smart Cabinet. The cabinet has a 3D Leather interior made form exquisite leather in laid edges to avoid scratches on valuables, the fashion foot pads are built using PE design.

What are the features of a Smart Cabinet?

A Smart Cabinet has Double alarm systems with Multi-layer alloy steel body, which can better protect the Smart Cabinet from external force damage and if the Smart Cabinet  receives a violent impact. An alarm is turned on in an event when unauthorized attempts have been made to access the safe i.e. after entering the wrong password or fingerprint for three times.

A Smart Cabinet can Securely store your Valuables, Cash, Jewelry, Documents of Importance, Heirlooms, and much more. A Smart Cabinet gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your valuable assets and belongings are locked up safely. A Smart Cabinet is suitable for use in a variety of places like Home, Office Space , Supermarket, A Shopping mall, Etc. 

Pro – Unique Innovative Design, Smart Cabinet is a Fire Proof Safe, All Steel, Anti Theft, Wall Mounting, All Digital, Double Smart Alarm, Fingerprint

Cons – Fits better in a home built to accommodate this Smart Cabinet, Limited choice of colors like coffee, gold etc. only.

4. Smart Massage Chair

Any home owner would adore a relaxing massage. This Massage chair is built around the same concept and supplied by WGHG. The Smart Massage Chair is an idea to provide comfort to a user. The Smart massage chair is equipped with High frequency vibrations. The Chair has a built in massage for head, regular massage, and lower back. The Robotic motors in the chair walks up and down to give a more comprehensive experience for a fixed point massage, in a deeper and relaxing manner.

Pro – The Smart Massage chair has wormwood heating and air bags. Due to the placement of air bags it helps in soft spacing. The Soft spacing is relaxing. A Person enjoys in feeling pressuring on a large portion for back. The Smart Massage Chair uses Skin friendly leather with seamless stitching. The Smart Massage Chair fits the person perfectly with automatic size detection sensors. The Smart Chair Starts automatically and can be adjusted for height as well.

Cons – Limited Color choices.

5. Auto Sensing Toilet

The Auto Sensing Toilet is a unique Product for next level hygiene. The generic options includes Fully Automatic Washing with an Oscillation feature, Flushing, Drying with warm air, Heated water and Heated seats. The Smart Auto Sensing Toilet has a soft close function that contributes to a luxurious experience.

Pro – Settings for Water temperature and seat temperature with adjustable nozzle positions make this toilet a must have product. The Nozzle self cleaning is built in. Very helpful for children, old people and pregnant ladies who generally like to avoid slamming the lid off the toilet sheet.

Cons – Takes some time to getting used to with settings.

6. Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is an Automatic touch-less Soap Dispenser Machine. Hand Sanitizer Dispenser works with Motion Sensors and can be mounted on a wall. Smart Hand Sanitizer Dispenser has a 1000 ml Capacity and is suitable for use of various disinfectant liquids. As soon as you put your hands below the dispenser it starts to work and the light of corresponding level flashes. The transparent design is good and can be used for all purpose liquid soaps, gel or lotions.

Pro – Smart Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is refillable. This dispenser is sleek, modern, leak proof and corrosion resistance. The Hand Sanitizer Dispenser prevents dripping of liquid and helps in maintaining hygiene in a home. This can be used in Shower, Restrooms, Office or Public Spaces as well.

Cons – Uses a battery that needs to be replaced once in a while.

7. A Uniquely styled Retro Home Theatre

Definitely a Collector item. Connect this uniquely styled Home theatre with your Tablet Wirelessly and Project the Quality Picture on a Screen. Branded by WEIFAN this Unique Retro styled Home Theatre is a State of Art Projector. Capable of Projecting 1080 4K Wireless Wifi Picture Quality. This Home Theatre is metal studded with laser engraving in it. The fuselage of this projector is made off Italian lychee calfskin, and matched with Hand stitching. The Dial of this film machine is made of copper and offers use of modern mobile phones while projection.

Pro – Offers features like USB 3.0 interface, HDMI Interface, S/PDIF Headphone Jack, AV Interface, , RJ45 Network Interface and a Power input Interface with High Fidelity Fiber Output HD HDMI USB Expansion. Power Expansion Interface Configuration extension.

Cons – Preferred wood mount, VGA Port not available in the projector console but can be used with extensions.

8. Face recognition Smart Door Lock

Any Smart lock at your home gives you a upper hand in controlling your premises. Using a Smart Door Lock is a great way of monitoring your Home remotely. This particular Face recognition enabled Smart door lock lets you mange entry and exit point into smart buildings or smart homes. You have the ability to go through your feeds at all times for who entered or exited from your premises. The HD Dual camera and IR imaging helps unlock your doors when there is enough visibility. The security protection eases your mind with 3D infrared thermal imaging technology help function this Smart Door Lock lock, even when you have lack of light. The Technology is able to identify and differentiate even twins and with different hairstyles.

This Smart lock has Fingerprint unlock feature and a highest grade C- level Lock Cylinder to keep people away from your premises. This Smart lock is made of aluminum alloy lock body and stainless steel lock body, therefore the risk of the fingerprint lock being picked is minimized, and makes it one of the best smart lock.

Pro – Your complete hand don’t need to touch the handle, only lifting the palm to unlock does the job. Any damage, abrasion, dryness, wetness can be recognized by the model. Easy integration with your Phone. Can be unlocked by Palm, face, Fingerprint, IC card, Key or App.

Cons – Runs on a li battery and can operate in micro USB power supply as well. Needs an app to function with phone.

9. Hue Table Lamp

This Hue Color Lamp by Philips is of a portable design and comes with a rechargeable battery. It can easily set mood or setting like Tropical Twilight, ruby Glow, Lake Placid, Blue Lagoon, Palm beach, etc. with a touch of a button from your phone. This Smart Table Lamp lets you chose the color of lights when you enter or leave home.

This Smart Color lamp can sync with your movies music and games to give you a real life thrilling experience at times while watching movies or playing games. The device can instantly be Controlled via Bluetooth. This Smart lamp can be Used as the centerpiece of a romantic dinner. You can take it outdoors to enhance the atmosphere of your summer parties or bring this lamp along with you as you travel. The Lamp lets you Enjoy from a 2.5 hours of brilliant smart lighting up to 18 hours when using the Cozy Candlelight effect.

Pro – Works with Google Siri, Alexa and several major Voice Assistants. Installation is pretty straight forward . Automation is very handy and easy.

Cons – A Philips Hub is required with an active internet connection and power supply at all times.

10. Sony Smart TV 85″

Why is a bigger TV expensive than a smaller Screen TV?

Bigger TV is generally expensive due to a fact that the cost of production, transportation and handling increases automatically with increase of an inch in case of TV. These are very fragile materials and hence are value on basis of the labor costs and other costs involved in producing or manufacturing bigger screens.

Which Company TV is the best among LG, Sony, Samsung, Etc.?

Sony is known for its camera and picture quality, The camera from Sony is used by apple in their iPhones and Picture quality really excels for Sony, making it a very brand. LG also uses cutting edge Technology and hence is the choice of many. Samsung on the other hand is liked by a specific set of people due to the ease of use and adoptability and usability. Samsung produces and manufactures mainly all products ranging from military equipment to tanks.

This Smart TV by Sony offers a 8K HDR Smart Picture Quality, the best in class. This Smart TV is big and is a bundle of Microsoft Xbox 1 TB Console, Deco Gear Wireless Keyboard, Wires and Cables.

Pro – Biggest Screen, Highest Picture Quality, Xbox included, Excellent TV Technology.

Cons – Offers few connectivity Options like HDMI etc. only.

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